Trust Future Services to Patch Up Your Hazardous Gas Leak

Learn about our gas leak repair services in Heath, TX

Though gas line leaks aren't always easy to detect, there are a few signs you can look out for. If you smell a rotten odor in your home or your gas bill has spiked, you might have a gas leak in your home.

Future Services offers gas leak repair services in the Heath, TX area. You can trust our dedicated team to locate your gas leak and patch it up in no time. If the leak is too large, we'll perform a new gas line installation right away.

Call 972-408-8966 today to ask about our gas line installation services. An experienced master plumber will gladly give you an estimate.

What can you expect during the gas line installation or repair process?

What can you expect during the gas line installation or repair process?

Future Services proudly partners with Atmos Energy to bring you top-notch gas leak repair services at every opportunity. If you use Atmos Energy as your gas provider, we'll work with the company to get your repairs done as soon as possible. When we come to your home in the Heath, TX area, we will:

  • Make sure Atmos Energy turned off your gas
  • Test your line for a leak
  • Inform you of its location and give you a quote
  • Provide the required permit paperwork to the city
  • Repair or replace your gas line

Contact Future Services now to find out what we can do for you. Want to reroute your existing gas line or get a new one for your pool heater? Count on us to handle your gas line installation with precision and care.

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