How can I be certain that my home has a water leak?

If you think you have a water leak and want to check for yourself. You can open the lid at the city water meter. Make sure nothing in the house is running. Check what is known as the trickle dial. Its usually a small triangle or star that spins whenever water is being used. If this is spinning with the water not being used. This means water is moving through the system indicating a leak.

Why is my water bill so high? Low water pressure? Running out of hot water? Foundation issues?

The leading cause is a water leak under the foundation that may not show up for months . A simple pressure test can determine if this is the cause of your issues.

Do I smell gas?

Call Atmos energy and Atmos Authorized - they are a dealer for us, Future Services. We can accept coupons reducing the price of service, but only accepted by a preferred contractor.

What to do when purchasing a home?

Pressure test the sewer and water. You may hear terms like hydrostatic or static pressure test. In layman's terms, it means we put a balloon into a line and block it off and see if it holds water.If it doesn't hold we can run a camera in to determine the issue in many cases. Keep in mind that deteriorating or faulty pipes under a home are by far the costliest repairs a homeowner can encounter. These things are often masked by cosmetic upgrades to the home making it appear new when there is a financial nightmare lurking below!